Fundraising Event Planning

STEP 1 - Plan ahead

Think about how much you hope to raise during the event? Who’s going to be the money collector/accountant? How will it be advertised? Will it be kept small scale inside your community, or will there be door knocking, stalls or even radio ads for this event? Just some simple planning makes for a smooth and successful fundraising campaign.

We offer other great material/services to facilitate your fundraising campaign such as:


STEP 2 - Placing the first order

Ordering is super simple, just fill out the Order Form and send it back to us at For help, simply contact the BARE team with questions via social media (Facebook / Instagram) or through our enquiries page.

Once you receive your order, make sure to store the BARE products in a clean, cool and dry place out of direct sunlight. One of the great benefits of selling our products is the ease of storage – no need for refrigerating goods!


STEP 3 - Prepare your team ready for sales

Your campaign should be run as a team (unless your fundraising as an individual of course). By now you should have rough numbers of how many potential sellers are available to help, so rally the team and inspire them for the event. Work out if you are communicating with the team at meetings or via email/social media – communication is key. People need to know when to expect the first delivery of BARE goodies, so they can start to plan their own approach for the event.

Now might be a good time for your team to familiarise themselves with our Selling Tips.


STEP 4 - Sell Sell Sell

Provide a copy of our Selling Tips to the team. These tips will cover some great information such as best practices and guides to get best results for your fundraiser. When issuing products to team members, make sure to keep track of who has what using our Tracking Sheet.

If it’s a job worth doing, it is worth doing right!


STEP 5 - Collaborate to achieve more sales

Advertising your event is so important to spread the word of your cause and help raise funds. People need to know what you’re working for, who you will be helping and how others can get involved. You may be aware of the most powerful sales tool called social media? Well this is a situation you must use it to full potential by sharing photos or videos about your fundraiser. Don’t just settle for one post either, we recommend asking your whole team to share the event on their own social profiles such as Facebook & Instagram – creating mass awareness it crucial. Posters, flyers or even radio are also great ways to spread the word.


STEP 6 - Collecting the funds

Remember all the time and energy put into this campaign? Well now it’s time to reap the rewards by collecting the funds. Hopefully you have been using our supplied Tracking Sheet to keep record of outstanding funds.


STEP 7 - Rejoice for a great fundraiser

Its important to do a victory speech in front of the team, thanking them for all the hard work and effort. Those who raised the most may be rewarded with some left-over products or an alternative prize at your discretion. Celebrate success for the team and the cause!

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So... ready to take the next step and raise some serious funds for your cause?

If you are ready to take the next step and raise some serious funds for your cause with BARE, head over to the Fundraising Enquiries page. Even if you are not ready, and just want to ask some questions or organise for a call-back, simply get in touch and we will make it happen!


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