Seller Tips & Tracking

Some seller tips to ensure you raise funds without issues

✓ A responsible adult is in charge of selling at all times

✓ If selling from door to door:

  • Wear identifiable clothing related to your club or uniform so that people know where you are from - a name tag is always a bonus
  • Be polite and courteous - manners go a long way
  • Start the conversations off by introducing yourself, your club/group, and then the cause which funds are being raised for
  • Present an example box of each product, and explain the benefits of each - points such as 100% natural, eco friendly, sustainability will get the buyers attention, followed by the fact they are biodegradable
  • Explain the price clearly

✓ If selling in a place of work:

  • Display signage that clearly specifies what you’re fundraising for and pricing for each product
  • Locate the boxes somewhere busy - but not in the way, such as a reception area or tea room
  • Keep track of the products. You may wish to have a small money container beside the products that is emptied regularly, or have a not for people to pay you direct (have some change handy at all times for this)


Track your team so that there are no mistakes

Below is an example of the Fundraising Tracking Sheet which is provided to you upon ordering.




Ready to take the next step and raise some serious funds for your cause?

If you are ready to take the next step and raise some serious funds for your cause with BARE, head over to the Fundraising Enquiries page. Even if you are not ready, and just want to ask some questions or organise for a call-back, simply get in touch and we will make it happen!


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