Our Mission

Our mission is to uphold the definition of BARE through the creation of Eco-friendly products using only Real ingredients that are Blended with love to support your body’s innate healing abilities, whilst ensuring we remain Australian made & owned* so that everyone can embrace mother nature’s goodness.

*Please note there are only 2 products in the BARE range which are not made in Australia due to manufacturing technology available overseas. These are our biodegradable toothbrushes & cotton buds. We are working towards these being a product of Australia also, but until that time, we feel it is important for our environment to provide these eco friendly & biodegradable products to our customers.


Candice Bauer BARE by Bauer your health is our passion

BARE definition:

  1. Without addition; basic; simple.
  2. Uncovered & exposed; not hidden.

Matthew Matt Bauer BARE by Bauer

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Candice & Matt Bauer.