As Aussies, donating is in our blood... Floods, fires, cyclones… whatever the disaster may be, our community rallies around the injured and fallen to help them back to their feet. We will donate our time in the clean-ups, we will donate money towards rebuilding, and so many even go above and beyond this.

We truly believe Australia is the most amazing country, due to not only is geography (with beautiful beaches & weather), but because of the Aussie spirit engraved in all of us.

candice bauer bare by bauer charity natural organic body and skincare

Photo: Candice volunteering her time at an African orphanage

Candice & Matt Bauer are so proud to be able to donate to charities that hold true Aussie values (helping people, animals and our environment). Candice & Matt donate 1 product for every transaction made direct from (no matter how small the purchase may be - even a single lip balm), which goes to a not-for-profit charity. Approximately every 4 months BARE casts a vote via social media, asking followers to help decide which deserving charity will receive the next batch of BARE donations. You can help us chose the next lucky charity – simply follow us on Facebook & Instagram to vote.

We also give our customers the option to purchase charity gift packs that get donated to a charity at Christmas time. For every 4 gift packs purchased by customers, Candice & Matt will donate 1 gift pack. Click here to view our gift packs.



Candice & Matt Bauer