About Us

Candice & MattyA Nurses passion for health and wellness. 

Hello, I’m Candice Bauer, the founder of BAREbyBauer. I started studying nursing in 2009 to follow my two passions - health and helping others. In 2011, I graduated as a Registered Nurse and have been lucky enough to witness more miracles than most see over a lifetime; but I also have a backstage ticket to the worst days of their lives (please excuse the unsavoury pun). I love working as a nurse, with the highs, lows, wins and losses, it keeps me grounded and forever grateful.

My passions for health and helping others has transformed as my knowledge of holistic health and wellbeing grows. Rewind 10 years when, at the beginning of my career I was primarily focused on conventional medicine, my definition of health would have been something like… ”Health is about being a certain weight, being able to exercise and having a glowing tan”. Superficial hey? But not uncommon. It’s hard not to have these beliefs when we are surrounded by fashion magazines, advertisements with “beautiful” people, and mainstream social media accounts that put such emphasis on looking a certain way. Very damaging to our self love and self worth (but that deserves a whole other blog post).

Today, my understanding of health is much more holistic. Health is not only achieved through the food we eat, but also the air we breathe, the thoughts we think, the friends we surround ourselves with, our environment, the stresses we carry and the products we paint our skin with each day.

I used to fight my body (without even knowing it) by eating (or not eating) foods filled with preservatives and pesticides, applying chemically laden cosmetics to my precious skin, and cleaning my home with toxic products. I never really thought about it as it is what I grew up with (Ignorance is bliss) and I believed I could trust a product if it was sold in Australia. Once I started reading what was in their products I was shocked, and this triggered an urge to learn more about these nasties; and more importantly, how to avoid them (again, this deserves a whole other blog post). It’s no wonder I have always fought with my body… because it was constantly under attack! The good news is that now I have discovered the biggest secret that most companies don’t want you to know… read the ingredients!

In a bid to begin improving my overall health and wellbeing, I looked at what I was “nourishing” my body with and started sourcing spray-fee and organic produce from local farmers, markets and butchers where possible (I am a big believer in supporting local economy). I started talking to suppliers to gain as much information as possible, so that I could choose the most nourishing and ethical produce. I also began reading product labels. By simply reading the ingredients on each product in the shopping aisle, I soon found which brands share my ethos. So little by little, I began making changes in my own time, and it felt great to know what I was putting into my body.

While changing food habits was coming along nicely, sorting through my skin care and cosmetics was a bit of a different story. I found that I no longer wanted to use my favourite moisturiser or deodorant, but the alternative products that I did want to use were generally a bit more than I was comfortable to spend. I began experimenting with beautiful blends of essential oils, organic whole food ingredients, shea butters and clays… I was like a mad scientist, minus the lab coat and frizzy hair. That’s when BAREbyBauer was starting to take shape (though I didn’t know it yet). 

As my mixes became better, my personal range was growing. Before long I was making all sorts of products, from deodorant, to body scrubs and face serums. My husband has a disease in both hips which can cause excruciating pain, leaving him no choice but to turn to Panadol and Nurofen. This got us experimenting with essential oils in a new way for non-pharmacological pain relief. After numerous trials with different ingredients, ratios and a whole lot of research, we had created a mix that helps to ease Matt’s discomfort, minimising medications to almost nothing now (disclaimer: We are always working on additional ways to help him, such as stretching, exercise and diet). Matthew does not solely rely on one remedy to ease his pain).

Fast forward to today, and BAREbyBauer is a brand that reflects my core beliefs. We are proud of our ingredients label, so proud that we wish there was more room on the front of our packaging so that we didn’t need to place ingredients on the back! My journey to optimising my health and wellness has been exactly that, a journey. One that is constantly evolving as I learn new things that I hope to share with you all. Please contact me with any questions you may have, or even just to say hi. We look forward to hearing from you.



Candice & Matt Bauer.