What to know about our Armpit Detox Mask & Deodorants

Switching from your conventional deodorant can be scary! They work like some sort of magic fairy dust - as the TV commercials & packaging say, they can help you stay dry and not sweat for up to 48 hours!?!??! How could you go wrong?! Haha… But seriously, this concept of not sweating for 48 hours is soo unnatural. However, we DO understand there are 2 major factors why you may not want to book that ticket to BARE town yet…

  1. Everyone else still uses conventional deodorant, why would I go against the grain? And,
  2. At least I know the conventional stuff works - I don’t want to be the stinky weird hippy guy/girl!

Well, the beauty of living in this era is that we can make up our own minds, do what we want, how we want. So we aren't here to say not to use a conventional deodorant/antiperspirant, but we want you to have a 100% natural, eco-friendly, toxin free alternative! Plus, its our job to provide education on this amazing BARE solution that works with both nature and our bodies, empowering you to decide what suits YOU and what aligns with your health goals and values!

So lets dive PIT-deep into this Pitillating subject (😃 see what I did there? PITillating!! HA! 😉)


The transition from conventional to natural deodorant varies for lots of people, due to body type, food's you eat, water you drink, how much you exercise and other variables. So, before you jump head first from chemicals to naturals, we wanted to create a five day Pit Detox Mask. This blend can aid in drawing out impurities or toxins that may have been building up in your body for years through chemical-filled deodorants, medication, environmental pollutants, foods, etc. For many, conventional deodorant can be one of the biggest chemical loads on their precious temples, so we need to make the transition smooth, thus giving time to create your new BARE healthy habit.

WHAT TO EXPECT when embarking on your 100% natural deodorant journey:

Look, were not going to lace this blog with processed sugar and say it will be a sweet treat for everyone… the transition can vary for each person, and for different reasons. What we will say it that everyone we know who has gone through our BARE Pit Transformation has embraced and thrived on the newfound revolution.

First up, your lymph nodes (up in the pits) may be tender to touch for a short time – don’t confuse this feeling with a skin reaction to bicarb! (Bicarb is one of our key ingredients in the Standard D.ODOR - not our Sensitive D.ODOR). Note that after years of conventional deodorant use, there may be excess substances trapped in the pits… these substances, BARE experts refer to as cr@p, may also be known as chemicals and toxins. As your pits test their newfound freedom and are releasing larger volumes of ‘cr@p’, an inflammatory response can be expected, thus tender pits.

Secondly, sweating more – but it's nicer to think of it like teas of joy haha! Conventional deodorant can contain aluminium which clogs the sweat glands. Take this example: A stormwater pipe is clogged up for years, only to finally be unclogged by the local council. All the backed-up water will pump out hard initially… but after a while, the pressure will ease and things return how they were meant to be, with a much steadier flow. Your body is naturally designed to release toxins though sweat, and sweat keeps you cool, so don’t fight the system (just go with the flow!)

Thirdly, expect your pits to enter a pit detoxifying phase – which brings a tinge more stink. You may be a little smellier than usual but considering you will be sweating harder and releasing nasties through the detox, it’s to be expected… so give yourself a break and don’t stress. They say we are creatures of habit and, I can vouch for that! But they also say it takes approximately 28 days to form a new habit – so why not give your body a month to see if this could be a suitable change that feels right for YOU 😊 & enjoy the process of becoming closer to nature.


bright girl health bare by bauer pit detox armpit deodorant d.odor dodor

Photo credit: Demi from Bright Girl Health (BARE ambassador) Learn more about Demi here.


Obviously our first recommendation is to use BARE Pit.D.Tox, but you knew that already haha, so here are some more tips...

  1. Drink lots of filtered water - Why do we say FILTERED water?? Well, because our conventional water sources can often filled with chemicals and nasties, defeating the purpose of a detox and preventing your bodies ability to flush/hydrate the system. Plus, a great water filter is going to taste amazing, helping you to create a habit of DRINKING MORE WATERCheck out our filters here.
  2. Get sweaty! Yep haha, the theory is that you could be aiding the system in pushing any stored cr@p out of your pits – thus, speeding up the transition process.
  3. Keep your food clean and real - What we mean by this is to consume a large variety of organic, spray free, raw, wholefoods.


Well it really depends which category you fit… Which is you?

  • I’m about to pop my pit-cherry and go BARE… Great, we are very excited to be apart of your health journey :D We recommend applying the mask every 1 - 2 days, until it runs out - which will be between 1 - 2 weeks, depending on use (If you do have sensitive skin, we would recommend you apply the mask every 2 – 3 days). Our Pit.D.Tox was primarily designed to make for a smoother transition to natural deodorant - It may just give your lymph system that extra support it needs.
  • I’m a BARE D.ODOR veteran, and haven’t clogged my pits with conventional products for years… Firstly, Woohoo! Your pits and your earth both thank you for your service! Now, the Pit.D.Tox Paste is for everyone, due to being exposed to toxins daily – whether it be in the air, food or water… there is no escaping them all, we can only do our best to minimise contact. So, we still recommend the occasional armpit detox, helping to keep your pits in prime condition to release daily toxins through our sweat.


    We have 2 x deodorants to select from - Standard D.ODOR or Sensitive D.ODOR.

    Our STANDARD is perfect for most people, and both our deodorants have a universally loved smell… cupcakes! Haha.

    The SENSITIVE option is better suited for those with delicate skin, more prone to reactions and rashes. The big difference in the mixes is that we removed the bicarb and replaced it with some ‘softer’ ingredients. I (Matthew) use the Standard blend where as Candice uses the Sensitive blend. We are all different, so just let your body guide you.


    Beeswax is the ingredient that is not technically Vegan, though it is often viewed by many die-hard Vegans as an exception to the rules. We ensure our beeswax is sourced from local ‘happy bees’ too. This means they are not treated with poor farming practices, and are treated with respect, no antibiotics and no other nasties.

    Through many experiments (on ourselves/friends/family – not animals), we found beeswax was an essential ingredient for our deodorant because it helps to inhibit the growth of those smelly bacteria whilst being soothing & healing for our beautiful pits.



    Well, I hope you found this blog post insightful and guided you closer to a BARE, 100% natural, healthy life! Reach out if you do want more information, otherwise have a beautiful day :D


    Matty Bauer


    demi pit detox bare by bauer natural deodorant

    Photo credit: Demi from Bright Girl Health (BARE ambassador) Learn more about Demi here.

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    • …This right here is why i shop with you guys! Thanks for writing in such detail about your armpit detox! and i love how you make it right here in Bundaberg OMG yayyy. I actually used to believe there wasn’t a natural deodorant out there for me, until my friend Julie put me onto yours! Keep doing what your doing guys :)


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