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We are so happy to announce our official SOUL SISTER PARTNERSHIP… BARE by Bauer & BRIGHT GIRL HEALTH

demi bright girl health bare by bauer

Bright Girl Health, by Demi Spaccavento, is on a mission to take the fear out of having a period and empowering girls to understand and be friends with their body. Bright Girl Health seminars are Australia’s leading women’s health education presentations for teens. Demi’s research based seminars address some of the top concerns of female adolescents. Her aim is to increase body image and self-confidence, as well as equip young women to navigate health challenges, manage stress and have greater lifelong health.

BARE by Bauer supports Bright Girl Seminars by providing healthy period friendly products, to show teens there are healthy, 100% natural, body and skin care products on the market to support our body's innate healing abilities and promote healthy happy hormones – without the use of chemicals, preservatives, parabens, toxins… just pure BARE goodness! The way nature intended it to be.

To find out more about Demi, or book a Bright Girl Health seminar in your school, please visit


Bright Girl Health Demi partnering with BARE by Bauer BAREbyBauer Candice & Matt Bauer Natural body & skin care

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