Deodorant - D-ODOR - BARE by Bauer
Deodorant - D-ODOR - BARE by Bauer
Deodorant - D-ODOR - BARE by Bauer
Deodorant - D-ODOR - BARE by Bauer

Deodorant - D-ODOR

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D-ODOR 30ml or 55ml Deodorant - Works hard for you, so you can work hard with confidence :)

Our pits aren't the sexiest part of the body, but boy are they important! Pits are a major part of your body, used for temperature control and releasing toxins through perspiration... You could say pits are like your air-conditioner, and if you don't keep the filters clean your A.C. wont run efficiently, leading to a dangerous build-up of harmful nasties. BARE's natural D-ODOR blend won't clog your filters (pits) like the conventional deodorants that use aluminium based compounds, synthetic fragrances and other nasties. The paste works by letting your pits breathe, perspire and release toxins, whilst controlling the body's natural odour and bacteria. D-ODOR is a lover not a fighter, so join the BARE family and work WITH your body naturally - Not against it.

Make the transition from conventional deodorants to our natural D-ODOR smoother using our Pit Detox Mask - PIT'D'TOX.

We also offer SENSITIVE SKIN D-ODOR which does not contain Baking Soda for those who have sensitive skin: Sensitive D-ODOR.

Wan't to learn more about our PIT'D'TOX & D-ODOR's? Check out Matt's in-depth blog post here that should address any question you may have.


Method Behind the Madness:
  • Coconut Oil - loaded with good fats to nourish & moisturise your pits while fighting microbes (those smelly bacteria) & neutralising odours
  • Shea Butter - soothing & anti-inflammatory
  • 100% Natural Beeswax - helps to inhibit the growth of those smelly bacteria whilst being soothing & healing
  • Baking Soda (aluminium free) - neutralises odours 
  • Arrowroot - absorbs excess moisture
  • White Kaolin Clay - gentle clay used to absorb excess moisture & nourish the skin  
  • Vitamin E - nourishing & soothing
  • Vanilla Essential Oil - soft & inviting oil that has antibacterial properties (and it smells like a freshly baked cupcake - sugar, dairy & gluten free of course - mmmm delicious)
  • Lavender Essential Oil - calming, balancing & healing
  • Orange Sweet Essential Oil - uplifting & antibacterial

Ok, you put your left finger in (the tin), you pull your left finger out, you put your left finger in (your pit) and shake it all about, you do the pitty pokey and you turn around, and that's what its all about... :P

But seriously, scoop out approximately a pea sized portion on your finger, then softly apply to your pit and the local area around your pit as you see fit. As the paste warms up it will apply with ease. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Heads Up: BARE recommends not to use the deodorant after shaving. Due to the sodium bicarbonate ingredient, it may cause a slight reaction to broken skin.


Love, cocos nuafera (coconut oil)*, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda),  butryospermum parkii (shea butter)*, maranta arundinacea (arrowroot)*, cera alba (beeswax), tocopherols from non-GMO sources (vitamin E), vanilla planifolia (vanilla) essential oil, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) essential oil*, citrus sinensis (orange sweet) essential oil*.

* Organic ingredient.

'LOVE' is the special ingredient that separates us from the rest! Click here to learn how we blend LOVE into each item.

Special Notes:

As all of our products are hand-blended in small batches and we use local unprocessed bees wax, colour may vary slightly between batches.

Whilst all our BARE products are created for sensitive skin, we recommend spot testing your new product prior to use. Intended for arm pits. External use only. If ingested, or a reaction develops, seek medical advice. Keep out of reach of children.

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