Value Pack - FRESH FACE - BARE by Bauer
Value Pack - FRESH FACE - BARE by Bauer
Value Pack - FRESH FACE - BARE by Bauer

Value Pack - FRESH FACE

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Value Pack - FRESH FACE to tackle your day head on!

We love giving value to our customers, so we have put together a range of gift packs for any occasion.



    FRESH FACE pack includes:
    • Rosewater Facial Mist - BARE MIST - Harness the energy of the rose plant with BARE. Whether your searching for skin hydration, a quick refreshment or just a traditional face toner, our facial mist is here for you. 'Rose' is mother natures way of helping you to heal, tone, freshen and revitalise your skin. So next time you find yourself feeling a little flat, or your skin is a little dry, step away from the fire hydrant and embrace BARE's Facial Mist.
    • Facial Mask - GREEN GYPSY - Have you seen those Garra fishies that nibble on your toes, leaving your feet feeling clean and fresh? 'Heck yeah, they are so cool' you say?... Well, bad news is we don't sell fishies. Sorry. But, the good news is we make something better (and the best news is you don't need to get in a fish tank). Meet the BARE Green Gypsy facial mask. Packed full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and skin loving goodness, this gypsy will seek can seek out impurities, feed your face and leave it with a new sense of clarity.
    • 1 x Facial Serum of your choice - Simply select which Facial Serum your face desires at the top of the page.
    1. Facial Serum - PRIME (Faces in their prime - generally ages 25+): Here at BARE, were anti-chemicals, anti-animal testing, anti-war, anti-bullcr@p... and now, thanks to PRIME Facial Serum, were ANTI-AGING too! This gorgeous product can hydrate and soften like no other, and nourish better than yo-mumma! PRIME is designed for those 25 years and older - in your prime and can be used for all skin types too.
    2. Facial Serum - REBEL REPAIR (To tame and sooth blemishes): BARE cant stop you from blushing when that cutie walks your way, but if its blemishes your trying to hide then you'll want to look our way. REBEL REPAIR is crafted to target blemishes, yet be gentle, soothing and nourishing. With BARE REBEL REPAIR, you can tell those blemishes to bounce.
    3. Facial Serum - JOJO-BARE (100% pure organic Jojoba Oil for all skin types) Jojoba Oil didn't get the name 'skin-saviour' for no reason. Its versatility is amazing, plus you won't need to worry about a greasy feel after - your skin will soak it up like a sponge. Used for hydrating and rejuvenating the skin, it is one of the thinnest and most nourishing oils around - resembling very similar qualities to our very own natural oils produced by the body.


    BARE's FRESH FACES Value Pack can be tailored to keep all faces happy and nourished the natural way. 

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