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INITIAL & STANDARD CONSULTS - Begin or expand on your health journey with Candice

Private Session + Option of discounted 30 minute follow-up session when booked together

These private services are aimed to give a well-rounded, nourished, holistic & sustainable lease on life. Work with Candice to formulate personal goals, with tailored & realistic plans to achieve excellence. 

60 minute Initial Consult - please choose this option if you are a new client

45 minute Standard Consult - please choose this option if you are an existing client and are wanting more time for discussion than a typical 30 minute follow-up session allows

30 minute Follow-up - please choose this if you are an existing client and are wanting a follow-up 

We encourage opting for the of a optional follow-up call - As we uncover new pathways to your future, these regular appointments will feed your growing hunger for sustainable self development... Plus, regular contact and guidance from Candice will help keep you on track & motivated, aiding your newfound healthy habits to blossom.

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Note: This service is can be done in person, & via Phone, Skype or Facetime. Additional fees may apply for an in-home consultation depending on location. Candice is based in Bargara QLD Australia, but travels as requested. Contact us for a 10 minute obligation free chat as to how this service might benefit you, or a free quote to include travel fees or other tailored services. 


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What to expect:
Subjects covered can be tailored to suit your individual goals 
  • General wellness checks - identify areas in your life that could benefit from modifications to become your healthiest self
  • Pre-conception, pregnancy, post-partum & breastfeeding wellness check - ensure you are incorporating the most nutritious foods & consuming a well balanced diet to support your body during these demanding stages
  • Shift-worker wellness - learn how to support your body through the demands of shift work in a sustainable way
  • Introducing Fermented Foods - Learn about the benefits of fermented foods & see how easy it is to fuel your gut health by introducing them into your life
  • Busting common food myths - fat-free is good, sugar is the devil, sugar-free is best, only diets work to be healthy, chocolate gives you pimples, kombucha is the healthiest drink and more!
  • Supporting your immune system naturally - learn how to use food & nature to support your body's innate healing abilities
  • Going Gluten Free - Learn how easy it is to avoid gluten
  • Choosing Organic - Discover how easy (and important) it is to choose organic fruit & veggies on a budget; Plus how to decide which foods are knows to be 'heavily sprayed' with toxins
  • Glyphosate's Got To Go - What is Glyphosate and why we avoid this common 'treatment' on foods
  • Pantry Rave - Lets party in your pantry like its 1999! Finding simple swaps to some of your all time favourites, learning what to avoid, tips on organising your pantry, all while keeping to a budget. Get my top pantry staples list. This is also an opportunity to have an open, honest discussion about why you make certain food choices and how can we overcome these together? Is it time, energy, emotions?
  • Cooking with oil - What oil should I be cooking with?
  • Dry Goods - How to stock up and keep nourishing & natural stock, while keeping it affordable
  • Water's just Water - Busting the myth of why water is not just water and how to get that 'quality H20' for maximised hydration plus overall health
  • Recipe Revamps - We take a look at your go-to recipes, and put a BARE twist on them for gut-loving, hormone-friendly, detoxifying, nutritious feasts
  • Shopping Skills - Lets go shopping, for a crash course on reading ingredient labels as well as navigating the common grocery store
  • Skin Stuff - Covering common ingredients to avoid, assessing your current routine and developing a BARE natural routine + get a special 20% the BARE by Bauer range*
  • Naturally Clean - Keep your home sparkling, while maintaining a low-tox approach
  • Laundry Time - We will work together to swap out any nasties, and develop an alternative BARE friendly range under the sink
  • Improving Sleep - How to maximise your bodies innate healing abilities and drift to 'sleepy town' the way mother nature intended, discovering true grounding, sleepy foods and how to minimise the impact of technology.
  • Modify your Routines - Lets look at your daily routine and modify some 'old habits' that are holding you back from your best self. E.g. swapping out some social media time before bed for a daily 5 minute stretching/yoga session
  • And more...
How to book:

Once you have purchased your consult or service, simply reach out via the following options to book a suitable time:

Special Notes:

We understand schedules are busy, so we will work with you to find a time that suits all parties. Due to time restrictions, we recommend you specify exactly which subjects you specifically wish to cover so that 'no rock is left un-turned' by the end of your appointment.

*20% discount valid on BARE by Bauer branded products only. Excludes Value Range, gift vouchers & sale items - Discount provided upon request.