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RAPID-FIRE CONSULT - A fun, fast-paced 20 minute consult with Candice

20 minute Private Session

This is one of our favourite services, designed for anyone, no matter where you are on your health journey. Book your appointment, send through your burning questions before the meeting, and come game day, its game-on with the Rapid-Fire consult! 

Note: This service is can be done in person, & via Phone, Skype or Facetime. Additional fees may apply for an in-home consultation depending on location. Candice is based in Bargara QLD Australia, but travels as requested. Contact us for a 10 minute obligation free chat as to how this service might benefit you, or a free quote to include travel fees or other tailored services. 


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What to expect:
Subjects covered can be tailored to suit your individual goals 
  • Supporting your immune system naturally
  • Making the switch to healthier, toxin free alternatives (such as cookware, mattresses, clothing etc)
  • How to incorporate more wholefoods into your diet
  • Switching to organic produce on a budget
  • Introducing and incorporating fermented foods into your life
  • Learning how to avoid gluten and choosing gluten free options
  • Upgrading your life by upgrading your water quality (finding the best filter for your lifestyle and budget)
  • General wellness check-in to identify any areas of your life that may benefit from modifications
  • Making your favourite recipes healthier
  • A crash course on reading ingredient labels
  • Low toxin cleaning
  • Pre-conception, pregnancy, post-partum and breastfeeding wellness check to ensure you are incorporating the most nutritious foods possible
  • Optimising your daily routines
  • Cleaning up your skin from the inside out
  • Getting better sleep
  • Finding the best practitioner for you (sick of “doctor” shopping but don’t know who can help you, if it is something that I can’t help you with, let me do the leg work and find the right practitioner for you)
  • Or anything else you are interested in learning more about, need guidance with or want to improve
  • And more...
How to book:

Once you have purchased your consult or service, simply reach out via the following options to book a suitable time:

Special Notes:

We understand schedules are busy, so we will work with you to find a time that suits all parties. Due to time restrictions, we recommend you specify exactly which subjects you specifically wish to cover so that 'no rock is left un-turned' by the end of your appointment.

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