Nutrition Course - NUTRITION ACADEMY - BARE by Bauer
Nutrition Course - NUTRITION ACADEMY - BARE by Bauer
Nutrition Course - NUTRITION ACADEMY - BARE by Bauer
Nutrition Course - NUTRITION ACADEMY - BARE by Bauer

Nutrition Course - NUTRITION ACADEMY

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Health is Wealth & Knowledge is Power!

WHAT IS THIS COURSE? It is based on the vitalistic philosophy of food and provides a comprehensive foundation of functional nutrition. It will enable you to develop an extensive knowledge and understanding of both past and current nutritional trends that influence our daily health, well-being and lifestyle.

The focus of this course is about practical application. As you progress, you will learn how to apply this nutritional knowledge and how it affects the body to create specific health outcomes. The course provides detailed knowledge in Functional Nutrition as it relates to specific diet types, exercise, microbiome and the necessary nutrition required to optimise health through the different generations.

Designed to provide you with the foundation to enhance your current career path or act as a catalyst should you want to change careers.

A FREE four-part Video Series on the Nutrition Academy's philosophy and how Cyndi O'Meara (Founder) and five students have not only changed their own lives but are impacting the lives of others. Get an in depth insight into why this Nutrition School is like no other.

  • Video 1 'The Philosophy That Changed The Game' was all about why Cyndi O'Meara started The Nutrition Academy and why it is like no other Nutrition School out there.
  • The 2nd video, 'The Impact' was an interview with Cyndi and our students. They dive into how their health and lives have changed as a result of what they have learnt at the Nutrition Academy.
  • The 3rd video in the series, 'All Your Questions Answered' you heard from one of our courses assessors on the course structure and frequently asked questions.
  • The 4th & final video in the series, 'The Vision' our Founder shared a special message. She has a vision for The Nutrition Academy students and the wider community interested in health and is looking forward to welcoming new students into our next Intake.



  • Be inspired and empowered to make sustained and holistic nutritional changes in their own life
  • Have the knowledge to make an impact in the lives of those within their circle of influence, creating a ripple effect of improved health in their community Establish their own business in the health and wellness sector.
  • Apply holistic and appropriate solutions to create sustained change and improved health in yourself and others
  • Identify how to reinforce positive food habits and behaviours
  • Enhance your current career path or act as a catalyst to change careers
  • Become a Health & Nutrition Mentor in a number fields — your own business, Workplace & Wellness Expert, School Tuckshop convener or chef
  • Join the Nutrition Academy Consultant Program
  • Qualify for Smart DNA Practitioner training to become a Smart DNA Practitioner
  • Possibility to qualify for GAPs Practitioner training (You need to meet additional criteria other than completing our course)

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Note: This course is run by The Nutrition Academy