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Value Pack - RELAX'N'RECOVER when life takes it out of you, let BARE give it back!

We love giving value to our customers, so we have put together a range of value packs for any occasion.



    RELAX'N'RECOVER pack includes:
    • Bohemia Bath Tea - BREATHE 400g large bag - Whether its been a long day, or you just want to float far away, let BARE take you there. Simply infuse our Bohemia Bath Tea into a nice warm tub, sit back, relax and BREATHE. Containing a beautiful blend of Epsom Salts, Pink Himalayan Salts, Lavender Flowers, Rose Petals & essential oils.
    • Facial Mask - your choice of the GREEN GYPSY or RED VELVET (simply select which Facial Mask at the top of the page) - Packed full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and skin loving goodness, this gypsy will seek can seek out impurities, feed your face and leave it with a new sense of clarity... And it can be warn to help you scare the heck out of unsuspecting family in a dark room ;)
    • Body & Massage Oil - BARE BODY - Whether you're an athlete that needs a good rub-down after the big game, or a weekend-warrior battered and bruised after a big day in the garden, or even if your in the bad books with wifey and you know flowers aren't going to work this time... This beautiful natural blend is the elixir. Don't settle for a massage that only feels good at the time, BARE's Massage Oil can also nourish and hydrate the skin, plus its chemical free so you can relax and know its all good baby. Our oil wont leave you racing for the shower after use either, just rub the excess oil off with a towel and let the skin soak up that goodness.


      BARE's RELAX'N'RECOVER Value Pack is designed to help you float away :)