Gift Pack - HARD WORKER is a BARE by Bauer product. We think we are the best Natural Body & Skin Care brand made in Australia, catering for vegan and sensitive skin types. Candice & Matt Bauer are so proud to provide beautiful products at an affordable price so Australians can live a low tox and nourished life, using organic and natural ingredients. Skincare and body products at their best, hand crafted to nourish and help make your skin happy. We do not hide


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Gift Pack - HARD WORKER makes a great gift for everyone

We love giving value to our customers, so we have put together a range of gift packs for any occasion.


HARD WORKER pack includes:

Repair Balm - SAVING GRACE 30ml - This pocket rocket is the most versatile gem in our range, and a must-have for everyone, young or not-so-young. Check out the endless uses below listing how SAVING GRACE could be aiding your beautiful body: Hard working hands that have worn a life of punishment, dry lips screaming for hydration in winter, sunburnt shoulders needing care after too much fun in the sun, or cracked heals that just need some tender lovin... The possibilities are almost endless.

Deodorant - D-ODOR 30ml - Our pits aren't the sexiest part of the body, but boy are they important! Pits are a major part of your body, used for temperature control and releasing toxins through perspiration... You could say pits are like your air-conditioner, and if you don't keep the filters clean your A.C. wont run efficient, leading to a dangerous build-up of harmful nasties. BARE's natural D-ODOR blend won't clog your filters (pits) like the conventional deodorants that use aluminium based compounds, synthetic fragrances and other nasties. The paste works by letting your pits breathe, perspire and release toxins, whilst controlling the body's natural odour and bacteria. D-ODOR is a lover not a fighter, so join the BARE family and work WITH your body naturally - Not against it.

Muscle & Joint Relief - BARE WARMTH 100ml - They say big things come in small packages, and this is no exception. Our special oil blend can naturally warm the body like a mothers hug, and provide relief to tired, aching muscles or joints to help keep you on top of your game. Why reach for costly drugs and chemicals when BARE's got your back! or your hamstring, shoulder, hip... You get the picture.


The hardest workers were always the hardest to get presents for, until now :)