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Dry Shampoo - BARE HAIR

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DRY SHAMPOO 20g - For clean hair on-the-go!

The perfect 'go-to' for those in-between days when you just don't have time to wash your hair or (let's be honest) when you just can't be bothered. It also makes the perfect companion for those adventurous holidays where you either don't want to use the 'not so nice' hostel showers or when you are stuck in transit for what feels like dayzzzz.

Our dry shampoo powder contains a proprietary blend of hand picked deliciousness that all work together to help absorb excess oil and add texture to your hair, whilst providing nourishment to the scalp, leaving it with a soft, fresh, clean aroma. What's more is that our dry shampoo promotes healthy hair growth and can minimise dandruff. It's a WIN WIN! Our blend is bi-carb free so that even the most sensitive scalps can use this beauty.

Best thing about all this, it can be used on any hair colour as excess powder can simply be brushed through to add volume and texture. 


Method Behind the Madness:
  • Bentonite & White Kaolin Clay Powder - these naturally gentle yet cleansing clay powders work together to absorb excess oil whilst also offering deep moisturising properties to the scalp and providing it with health promoting minerals
  • Diatomaceous Earth - the high silica content of DE makes it the 'holy grail' for hair (& skin & nails & bones & ligaments & well almost everything). Silica feeds our hair follicles with essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium, to promote healthy, strong hair
  • Arrowroot Powder - works gently to absorb excess oil
  • Aloe Vera Powder - used for it's calming properties on the scalp, may also reduce itchiness from dandruff
  • Rosemary Essential Oil - promotes hair growth by increasing cellular metabolism and regeneration
  • Petitgrain Essential Oil - this cleansing and uplifting oil was selected for it's ability to balance oil production of the scalp
  • Peppermint Essential Oil - this invigorating oil helps to stimulate circulation to the hair follicle to assist with hair growth

Dip small powder brush into the jar and tap off excess. Work through hair prior to styling by dividing hair into sections and applying a small amount of powder from the brush. Massage into scalp and hair roots with powder brush or fingers. Brush out excess if required. 

Hot tip: For first timers, apply over the sink or in the shower if your worried about making a mess ;)


Love, bentonite clay powder*, maranta arundinacea (arrowroot)*, diatomaceous earth*, white kaolin clay, aloe vera powder*, mentha x piperita (peppermint) essential oil*, citrus x aurantium (petitgrain) essential oil, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) essential oil*. 

*Organic ingredient.

'LOVE' is the special ingredient that separates us from the rest! Click here to learn how we blend LOVE into each item.

Special Notes:

Whilst all our BARE products are created for sensitive skin, we recommend spot testing your new product prior to use. Intended for hair on head. External use only. Keep out of reach of children.

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